Lindsey Abbott is a landscape architect with degrees from Edinburgh College of Art, UK and the University of Virginia, USA. She has worked in the private sector for RTKL and HOK, designing landscapes throughout the world; contributed to a major planning document for the U.S. National Park Service; worked as a gardener at Harvard University’s Dumbarton Oaks and served on the Advisory Board of the UK’s Landscape Institute.

Francisca Lima has recently finished her Ph.D. in landscape architecture at the University of Edinburgh. Her doctoral research focused on the role of open spaces in urban depopulating contexts. Before engaging in the doctoral programme, Francisca Lima collaborated with several design offices and also worked as freelancer.  Currently, she is collaborating with the design offices Monda and Bound.

Eva Silveirinha has a Ph.D. in landscape architecture. She has worked in both commercial and academic environments. Eva has a particular interest in the benefits of nature in health. For OPENspace, she has worked on projects involving participants recovering from alcohol-related harm; children and outdoor learning; the role of green spaces in deprived communities; and, as principal investigator, in a study focusing on women with postnatal depression and access to outdoor spaces. She is also interested in the perception and use of public open spaces by people from marginalised communities.


Luís G. Carvalho is a landscape architect graduated from the Universidade de Lisboa and the co-founder of Atelier do Beco da Bela Vista. Luís has collaborated with several research projects at the Universidade do Porto, namely in the study of Oporto’s metropolitan parks network. He teaches design studio classes in the same university since 2002.

Natália Cunha is a Ph.D. candidate in landscape architecture at the Universidade de Lisboa. Her research explores ecological networks and land morphology models. She holds a master degree, in geographic information systems (GIS) from the Instituto Superior Técnico, where she collaborated as teaching assistant from 2006 to 2012. She is an integrated researcher of the R&D Unit LEAF/CEAP since 2002.

Miguel Domingues is a senior landscape architect at PROAP. He graduated from Universidade de Lisboa in 1998 and in 2001, established his own office. In 2005, he joined the team of Global, Arquitectura Paisagista, Ltd, where he worked as associate senior architect. In 2011, he joined PROAP as senior project coordinator where he is responsible for the international projects based in Switzerland.

Ana Muller is a landscape architect who provides both technical assistance to the board of APAP and collaborates on several research projects with the research centre LEAF/CEAP based at the Universidade de Lisboa.

Jenifer Rodrigues is finishing her master degree in landscape architecture at Instituto Superior de Agronomia. Jenifer is interested in urban interventions that improve the ecological functioning of the landscape as well as the quality of life for citizens. She is currently working on her thesis, which focuses on water management in urban areas, and aims to design a project for flood prevention in the Alcântara basin in Lisbon.